New Little Widget

Some of you may know I’m working for a bunch of crooks.  They started it when they “fired” me because some kids said I smelled funny (define funny, damnit) who of course complained to their parents who complained to the school.  The straw the broke the camel’s back was a kid saw me crying in my classroom (my pain was about an 11 that day).  Kid complained to parent who complained to school who fired me.  Nothing was said that the kid walked into a classroom with a closed door when she should have been in class (it was one of my two weekly breaks).

Anyhow I immediately started looking for a job and I’ll be working for a start up academy with no Korean teachers and run by a woman from the UK and her Korean husband.  I’ll also probably be doing some IT stuff for them as well.

And now since I think my hands are going to fall off, I’m signing off.


2 thoughts on “New Little Widget

  1. M says:

    That’s interesting. I thought that accusations against foul-smelling teachers were a particularly UK phenomenon made by dysfunctional pupils. You smell, he smells, she smells. Never, of course, I smell as the first person is always innocent.

    Don’t these Korean schools have staffrooms?

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