Oh So Fun

It’s been a blast.  Not going to miss you in the least.  You can go where the sun don’t shine.

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33 Classes and Counting

And they had the never to ask if it if were possible for me to be out before Saturday AM.  Hello?  I work here until 9.  Where would you like me to go.

And they found a new person.  I will leave my plan book and a key to deciphering it.  I’m actually am going leave the ticket incentive system I step up because the kids (well kid kids) really respond to it.

In maybe very well just leave this new person (was she dumb enough not to ask to talk to a current teacher or will this be the beginning of the screwing over).

Anyhow.  I’m cold.  I’m going to go jump in my prewarmed bed and dream of class number 0.

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New Little Widget

Some of you may know I’m working for a bunch of crooks.  They started it when they “fired” me because some kids said I smelled funny (define funny, damnit) who of course complained to their parents who complained to the school.  The straw the broke the camel’s back was a kid saw me crying in my classroom (my pain was about an 11 that day).  Kid complained to parent who complained to school who fired me.  Nothing was said that the kid walked into a classroom with a closed door when she should have been in class (it was one of my two weekly breaks).

Anyhow I immediately started looking for a job and I’ll be working for a start up academy with no Korean teachers and run by a woman from the UK and her Korean husband.  I’ll also probably be doing some IT stuff for them as well.

And now since I think my hands are going to fall off, I’m signing off.

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If all goes well, I’ll sign a contract with a new school on Saturday.  I’m getting away from the Wicked Witch of the East

I was told our incompatibilities was due to the fact I’m the first American teacher they worked with.  They just didn’t want to pay their fair share and I would have lost almost 2 grand over the course of the year.  Plus they thought I was going to pay 300 bucks a month in health insurance when, if they followed the law, I would have paid more like 40.

So overall good news.  And, despite the bed being broken (for a month now and after numerous requests to fix it) I slept like a baby last night.  So much so I’m up at 7  AM.

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Red Alert

So much has happened.  I had an upper endoscopy last Thursday that was a literal nightmare.  The good and bad news is they didn’t find anything.  So I’m still nauseous all the time and have stomach pains.  The doctor didn’t return my call today.  Hopefully he will tomorrow.  I’ve been crying off and on because the whole thing retriggered some of my PTSD issues.  My anxiety has been through the roof.  I guess I should call my GP and see what she has to say.  I’ve been trying to hold onto my sanity until I get back to Daejeon and I can see my psychiatrist there.

Sleep is a joke.  When I do sleep, I feel like I dream constantly.  They aren’t nightmares, per se.  But the people in them are faceless.  It’s really quite creepy.

I’ve been living with high levels of pain since July.  I was hoping it would calm down on its own, but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.  Again, I was waiting to get back to Korea to see my rheumatologist, but that’s looking 2-3 weeks off.  I don’t know how much longer I can take pain at this level.  Sleeping hurts, sitting, stand and walking hurt.  Basically, everything hurts.  I guess it’s another reason to call my GP.

I’m worried about going back to work.  I’m worried about the time change and jumping right in to a new school with a curriculum I’ve never seen.  Just the thought of packing overwhelms me.

I’m tired.  I’m anxious.  I’m depressed.  And I hurt.


Heading Home

I’m heading back to the US.  My body can’t take the stress right now of full time teaching, especially 3 year olds.  Maybe in 6 months I’ll head back to Hong Kong and pick up there.  The director is fine with that.

So for the first time I’m going to take care of myself and do what my body needs rather than pushing through it.

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Despite it being Friday the 13th.  Waiting in the cold for 15 minutes for someone to unlock the school.  Having 10 minutes to set everything up.  It all went remarkably well.  The “lava” ended up more pink than red, but I had very little watercolor paint in the tube to work with.

I’d post pictures, but that would entail getting out my camera, downloading them and resizing them.  Three things I definitely don’t have the energy for.

Time to take ye olde meds and get some sleep.


Laters all


Permission? Ha!

Why do I always forget to ask forgiveness rather than permission.  It’s a work thing.  I plan to blow off the lack of permission as I totally forgot to ask you about that.  And then modify the activity to make it a little more educational.

Basically it was a culminating project for kids reading Mummies in the Morning.  I was going to have them spell out their name in hieroglyphics.  It just so happens I think I have a chart not only with the letters but with what they represent.  Bingo.  Writing.  Happy boss.  And considering the amount of writing and work they’ve put in on this, they deserve a little fun.

I can’t do it anymore.  I can’t push push push to memorize and finish every friggin page in the book.  We’re talking about 3rd and 4th graders here.  Let them be kids

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Really boss lady, if your son’s class is to start at 8:00 and go until 8:40, don’t start eating chicken with him at 8:00 and finish at 8:20.  Then, don’t expect him to still get a 40 minute lesson.

I need to grow a backbone.  I should have left at 8:40 just like the schedule says.

That is all.  Thank God Tomorrow Is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do You Have a Brain?

Sorry, work rant again.

These new books.  I have one that I need two days to teach one unit.  I have one day a week with the class.  My boss is the co-teacher.  I initially asked for help, especially the reading comprehension section because it was difficult.  No problem she says.  We aren’t doing any comprehension now.

Today she comes by and says, you didn’t do the comprehension questions with them.  Me: speechless.  Uh, you were supposed to do those.  But they’re more conversation based and I think you should do them.  Me: speechless.  I only have one day and I need to do the vocabulary, speaking and grammar parts.  She says it’s better if the Korean teacher does the grammar.  Me: speechless.  The last unit of grammar?  “there is” and “there are”.  I can teach a blind, deaf, mute monkey how to use there is and there are.  So now the students have to translate the reading (hahahahaha, like that’s going to happen).  This still leaves me with trying to do 2 days of work in 1.  And my boss wonders why I get stressed out.  I have no idea.

Why the change?  She can’t keep up with the material she has to teach.  She put the class in the wrong level.  Not my problem.

Now I’m going to see what might be on TV but probably will watch a movie.  “Instinct” is queued up in VLC.

And someday I promise I’ll get back to the real reason I started this blog.  But in a way, it’s all relevant.  Stress makes the fibro makes the PTSD worse.  On and on like an oh so wonderful merry-go-round.