I’ve been having pretty consistent nightmares for the last few nights.  In them I’m running.  In some of the dreams I know the person.  In others I don’t know the people (or person).  And in some of them it’s just running from something big and scary.

Would someone please tell my brain to shut the hell up at night and just sleep like a normal brain?


One thought on “Running

  1. Smaaak says:

    Hi, you did say comments are much welcome, so here’s my two-bits for a start. If the conscious gets to do the work in the daytime, then your inner angst do not need the channels of the subconscious nights to tell you things. So, is there one little bit that you can face or change something about whether it be in action or a mind perception ? Just one little bit. Sometimes that’s all it takes. The clues are there ‘running from’. Time you identified that and take a good look at it. Just one detail. The big picture could be overwhelming. Just one specific small detail. ‘Face it’, seems to be what it’s telling you to do.

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