Not Fun, That’s What

Let’s back up.  I saw my Dr. P yesterday.  I have to get up at 8 to be there by 9 thanks to a half hour bus ride.  Of course at 8:30, there were NO SEATS ON THE DAMN BUS!  I don’t do well on buses to begin with.  I get motion sick sitting down.  I don’t have  ton of strength in my arms to begin with and my hands always hurt.  That makes hanging on to those rings fun.  I mean really, so I look like a gymnast or a monkey?

So I finally got to the office.  I see Dr. P.  I’m crying as I walk in.  Don’t want to talk much about it, but crap going on at work.  He took one look at me, got a nurse to do a BP, temp and glucose stick.  Now because Korean cuffs are almost always too small for me (this one included). I learned this summer (while they were using correct sized BP cuffs) they over estimate my BP by a good 30 points.  They measured me at 110/80 which makes me a hell of a lot closer to 80/50.  My temp was down around 95 (for no good reason, I had a shirt and a jacket on) and my glucose was 65.  Plus I was dehydrated (yeah, I know I know I know).

He treats a lot of older folks who have a hard time getting enough nutrition, so he has some nutritional IV stuff and saline on hand.

After we went through the whole work thing he sent me into his treatment room to where the nurse was going to start an IV (he had already given me a couple of glucose tablets and I had stopped shaking so bad).  So what do you get when you try to start an IV on a hypotensive, hypothermic, dehydrated person?  At least 15 sticks.

So I got there at 9 and left at 1.  A great way to spend my birthday, no?  So I went to an Italian place and then a coffee shop and got cake.  At the coffee shop, they had handmade, stuffed kitty keyrings.  So, happy birthday to me.


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