Last of the Year

Not much to say.  I feel slightly better after 3 days in the hospital.  I have no defenses right now.  Bronchitis sucks too.  All I want to do is sleep but it’s different than the fibro fatigue.  This is the kind of tired that goes all the way to your bone.  Last time I was in (a few years ago) they didn’t want me to sleep all the time.  This time the doctor said, sleep as much as you need.  You’re exhausted.  I pulled the curtain around the bed because I didn’t want the Koreans staring at me.

I’ve slept off and on all day since getting home.  I had some cereal.  Maybe I’ll make an egg.  I can’t get past this food thing.

Now to take my meds.  Hopefully next year will start better than this one ended.


One thought on “Last of the Year

  1. CoderForLife says:

    Great to hear from you. Congratulations on sticking to your postaday2011 goal – you’ve been a warrior on many fronts and your stick-to-it attitude is exemplified here. Hope you get feeling better, and I wish a better 2012 for you.

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