Permission? Ha!

Why do I always forget to ask forgiveness rather than permission.  It’s a work thing.  I plan to blow off the lack of permission as I totally forgot to ask you about that.  And then modify the activity to make it a little more educational.

Basically it was a culminating project for kids reading Mummies in the Morning.  I was going to have them spell out their name in hieroglyphics.  It just so happens I think I have a chart not only with the letters but with what they represent.  Bingo.  Writing.  Happy boss.  And considering the amount of writing and work they’ve put in on this, they deserve a little fun.

I can’t do it anymore.  I can’t push push push to memorize and finish every friggin page in the book.  We’re talking about 3rd and 4th graders here.  Let them be kids


1 thought on “Permission? Ha!”

  1. Missing your posts and I hope you’re OK.

    Regards on Christmas Day half-a-world away.

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