Hello Blog, Is That You?

Remember me, your old pal KatM?  Things have changed.  New clothes for you.

Awwww, hell.


Tuesday and Thursdays suck.  I don’t get home until after 9.  MWF is better, but my old friend, fatigue is creeping back into my life.  I can’t even remember if I ranted about the territoriality of Korean doctors.  Thus, I’m off the meds that put me into deep sleep, which I haven’t been getting and up 2.5 mg of Valium at night.

Looking into new jobs.  The school I’m working at is circling the drain.  I have a good lead on a school in the southern part of the country.  By the ocean.  *sigh*  No more freezing winters.  Nasty little flakes of snow were falling earlier today.  The kind that looks nice coming down but you know it isn’t going to stick.

Apartment is pretty tidy. I think I’ll vacuum and mop tomorrow.  If anything, it’ll keep me warm.  Natural gas prices are crazy here.  I have a one room apartment and had a 250 dollar (won, whatever) gas bill one month last winter.  I try not to turn the heat above 18C (65F).  Just my opinion, but these in floor heating things here either suck or simply don’t heat more than 2 inches above the floor.



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