Oh Korea

I swear, the calendar clicks over to October and the heavy clothes come out.  Doesn’t matter it’s still 70 degrees out.  Flip over another month, winter coats and gloves.  Hello boys and girls, it was 60 degrees today.  I was wearing a regular fall shirt and pants.  No coat.  No gloves.  Just a scarf.  A fashion scarf.

Oh yeah, I walked out today, and there were two people huddled under an umbrella.  It wasn’t raining.  It wasn’t sprinkling.  It wasn’t even misting.  I failed to feel any water come out of the sky.

How many years have I been here?  And this still surprises me.  My coworkers made me sweat today with all their layers and puffy ski jackets.\

Lucky for me, it’s November weather and my muscles feel like yo-yos on strings.

I’m going to get my winter coat cleaned tomorrow.  I have somehow lost my hat and gloves from last year.  So I’ll look for some cute ones (the perks of having a plain black coat, which is not so good with a long haired white cat).

TGIF to all waking up.


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