Yay Me?

Did the cardio workout.  I had to let my Achilles tendon heal after a small tear.  I also managed to do the abs part of the workout.  Holy cow.  Talk about intense.  I did them flat on my bed (no I didn’t cheat and use it like a springboard) because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get up off the floor.

I have the whole pink pajama story.  I’m a little afraid to put it into words.  I know that sounds stupid.  But it feels like that would make it too real.  And there’s nobody here I trust enough to tell the story to.

In other news I have this rash thing spreading across my face.  They look like bright red zits.  The dermatologist I saw said they’re inflamed hair something or others.  And the redness was from the capillaries bleeding around them.  Now I’m seeing them on my arms.  I’m fairly certain they’re not from my meds.  They all list rash in the allergic reaction section.  This isn’t an allergic rash.  I’ve had those.  And no wonder I have on appetite.  Every single friggin’ drug I’m on lists appetite suppression as a common side effect.


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