Death by English Breakfast


We had a going away party/baby shower for a teacher who is leaving tomorrow.  We went to this place that serves an “English Breakfast”.  I’m neither English nor have been there.  I can’t speak to the authenticity of this meal.  There was so much food I ate maybe a third of it and was stuffed.  Yet my damn skinny Korean coworkers cleaned their plates.  It’s not fair.  I’m hungry since I haven’t eaten in nearly 12 hours but that food didn’t agree with me.  The best part was the Earl Gray tea.  I’d feel better if I could throw up but there’s nothing in my stomach.  I’m going to run next door to the mini-mart and get some Gatorade.  I gotta buy some ginger-ale.  They finally carry Canada Dry at HomePlus.

I’m signing off.  PT tomorrow if I get up in time.  My phone is sitting on my desk at work.  My phone is also my alarm.



About katm

I'm just your typical depressed donkey. I'm an abuse survivor. I deal with the pain and stiffness and other fun stuff that goes with fibromyalgia. I used to teach English for a living but because of my health, that isn't any option anymore. I love to cook and feel most in my element when I'm in the kitchen tinkering around.

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  1. Lol. Love it! Don’t mean to laugh at your misery. But since I forgot to set my alarm last night (on the phone I complained about on my blog) and therefore had a horrendous start to my day today, well…. All I can say is…misery loves company!!!

  2. I have the most obnoxious alarm ever, yet I can sleep through it. The good thing is I don’t have to be at work until 1. The bad thing is I missed the window of time when I can actually see the doctor and get my physical therapy.

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