Now For a Smile


One of the messages in my spam was “My friends are better than yours”.  I have no idea why this made me laugh (bad while drinking blue PowerAde), but it did.

It’s not even like it’s a person, but it’s so like something certain people in my high school class would say.

I have nothing important to say today.  The pink pajama dreams are coming in fits and spurts.  No new real information.  Sometimes I think my brain just likes torturing me.


About katm

I'm just your typical depressed donkey. I'm an abuse survivor. I deal with the pain and stiffness and other fun stuff that goes with fibromyalgia. I used to teach English for a living but because of my health, that isn't any option anymore. I love to cook and feel most in my element when I'm in the kitchen tinkering around.

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