Death by English Breakfast

We had a going away party/baby shower for a teacher who is leaving tomorrow.  We went to this place that serves an “English Breakfast”.  I’m neither English nor have been there.  I can’t speak to the authenticity of this meal.  There was so much food I ate maybe a third of it and was stuffed.  Yet my damn skinny Korean coworkers cleaned their plates.  It’s not fair.  I’m hungry since I haven’t eaten in nearly 12 hours but that food didn’t agree with me.  The best part was the Earl Gray tea.  I’d feel better if I could throw up but there’s nothing in my stomach.  I’m going to run next door to the mini-mart and get some Gatorade.  I gotta buy some ginger-ale.  They finally carry Canada Dry at HomePlus.

I’m signing off.  PT tomorrow if I get up in time.  My phone is sitting on my desk at work.  My phone is also my alarm.


Anger, Work


I swear I can’t do anything right at work.  Oh, I let an activity go on too long.  Let me rephrase, “a useless activity”.  You know, one that reinforces grammar skills.  Well crap.  Two students.  One finished in 15 minutes.  The other can’t make up his mind for anything.  I can’t go on in there book because they are on a strict schedule.  So who the hell cares if the activity takes all class.  At least they were thinking.

And what makes it just peachy?  I have to go play nice at a baby shower for a teacher whose leaving at the end of the week.

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Pin Cushion

Three sticks to get an IV.  10 or 12 shots from the neck to the tailbone.  Yeah.  Pin cushion pretty much sums it up.  It’s worth it.  The shots are down to maintenance to try and prevent the pain from escalating.

I woke up from a dream in a state of full blown panic (hence the IV to give me some Valium).  I was still very worked up when I got to Dr. P’s office.  I think the dream had something to do with the pink pajamas.  I really don’t want to write about it now.

And, as it’s NCIS time, I’m off.  I got one out of three tests written and started and a second.

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Blessed Relief

The vast majority of the pain is gone.  I got 6 out of 9 tests written.  I only went to a coffee shop, this weekend (to work), but got nothing done.  I couldn’t stay.  The usually peaceful place was packed.  Uh, no thanks.

I’m going to do a load of laundry and then get into bed and watch TV.  I look at it this way.  I could finish those tests.  But I’m not.  I don’t need them tomorrow and I get off early tomorrow and have an hour break before my 8:00 class on Tuesday.  My brain can’t take parts of speech and dialogs anymore.  There’s only so much English and person can handle.  And I think I might be starting to dream in Korean.

And as Ivory is playing parrot, perched on my shoulder, I’ll sign off.

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Writing tests really saps my mental energy.  Two are done.  There are four more to go.  At least the one I need for Monday is done.  I get off work early on Monday so if I don’t finish this weekend, I have that.

Other than that, I was waiting for a delivery and they came so late I missed PT today.



Now For a Smile

One of the messages in my spam was “My friends are better than yours”.  I have no idea why this made me laugh (bad while drinking blue PowerAde), but it did.

It’s not even like it’s a person, but it’s so like something certain people in my high school class would say.

I have nothing important to say today.  The pink pajama dreams are coming in fits and spurts.  No new real information.  Sometimes I think my brain just likes torturing me.

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Hello Allergies

Well, whatever is blooming this fall, I’m allergic to it.  Just add one more thing to the pile of things making me miserable.

I have a metric ton of tests to write this weekend.  Some stuff I can recycle, but most of it has to be written from scratch.  So Friday I’m going to go to bed early.  I’m going to take my laptop to StarBucks and work as long as I can.  I’m going to take a nap and then repeat.  Rinse and repeat all weekend since the most I can work is 60-90 minutes without going insane.

I’m thinking positive.  I’d take some Bendaryl, but I don’t think I need to add something sedating on top of my already sedating nighttime cocktail.

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I didn’t have to make an appearance at parent meetings today.  That means I got to go to the ortho.  He did the usual injections.  I also mentioned my left shoulder hurt and I couldn’t move it past a certain point.  Thank you three days of redecorating.  I have tendonitis in that shoulder now.  He likes to get all techy with me and show me all sorts of anatomical diagrams.  I just smile and nod.  In the distant past I would have understood it, but now I can barely remember my name.  So he did an ultrasound and then injected lidocaine in my shoulder.  I gotta say, seeing the needle going in and all was pretty cool.  But I’m not your average human being.  I remember in high school having to have a barium swallow done (yuck).  When I got to school the next day I found my favorite teacher (my bio teacher) and told her how cool it was to watch the peristalsis in my esophagus.  Like I said, not a normal human being.

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The Joy of Not Caring

Parent seminar on the new curriculum today.  Showed up early to finish the bulletin boards.  Said my hellos to the parents and then retreated to the library where I dozed.  At least the boss bought lunch.
Apparently there is another day of this crap.  Oh yeah, because of it, I had to skip PT (and I think injections).  My neck is OK.  My shoulders are killing me from having to hold my arms over my head.  But the muscles that run right behind my bra strap are so knotted, even stretching doesn’t touch the pain.  Night and showers just don’t go together for me.  So, no hot shower.  No need to trigger the PTSD.  Hopefully now that it’s started to cool down (70s/50s) they’ll bring out the heating pads.  I looked all through HomePlus and couldn’t find one.


No Post

I just got back from work (yes, it is Sunday) trying to help redo the bulletin boards.  Will write more when my arms arms and shoulders aren’t screaming from being held over my head trying to get felt onto walls.