I don’t even know what to say or where to start.   I asked Dr. P about fibro and was pretty much shot down.  He’s old school.  I didn’t expect to get very far with him.  I might stop by my ortho and ask him.  I’m totally skipping Dr. Idiot.  I go see him once a month to get my thyroid meds or if I feel a case of bronchitis coming on.  His English isn’t good enough to have a conversation about a complex topic.  Plus, his MO is to ship me off to a specialist.  Got a yeast infection?  So see a gyn.  Clogged ear?  ENT.  The dude is an internal medicine specialist.  And he can’t handle a decongestant for a clogged ear.  *sigh*

It’s definitely not something I want to talk over with my boss.  I know she could go with me as a translator.  But ick.  I want to keep my personal health stuff, well, personal.

It’s almost 9:00.  Gidgette is demanding dinner.  What else is new?


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