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I don’t even know what to say or where to start.   I asked Dr. P about fibro and was pretty much shot down.  He’s old school.  I didn’t expect to get very far with him.  I might stop by my ortho and ask him.  I’m totally skipping Dr. Idiot.  I go see him once a month to get my thyroid meds or if I feel a case of bronchitis coming on.  His English isn’t good enough to have a conversation about a complex topic.  Plus, his MO is to ship me off to a specialist.  Got a yeast infection?  So see a gyn.  Clogged ear?  ENT.  The dude is an internal medicine specialist.  And he can’t handle a decongestant for a clogged ear.  *sigh*

It’s definitely not something I want to talk over with my boss.  I know she could go with me as a translator.  But ick.  I want to keep my personal health stuff, well, personal.

It’s almost 9:00.  Gidgette is demanding dinner.  What else is new?

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Too Much

Between yesterday and today, I’ve swept and vacuumed my whole apartment, make two treks to the “apple store”, changed the linens on my bed, did three loads of laundry and unpacked a delivery of stuff from Costco.  My body and brain are feeling it.  I still have some stuff to do for work.  I’m trying to get my Mac setup so it makes sense.  It’s a bit more challenging because it’s OS X Server.  It was the only mini they had at the “apple store” (Frisbee, a Premium Apple Reseller).  I have iTunes churning away at my music library.  I have to figure out what to use for pictures.

I’m yawning and I just want to go to bed.  But I still have some work work to do.  God I hate this stupid “call the kids and ask a question every month” crap (AKA – Ring Ring Talk).  The teachers hate it.  The little kids like it.  The big kids hate it.  BUT….  the parents love it.  And if the parents love it, by God we’ll do it.

I see my pdoc tomorrow.  I’m going to ask him about fibromyalgia, which was suggested to me by a reader.

This is bad.  I’m feeling a bit OCD at the moment.  I’m looking at all the dust on the TV and the general messy state of my bathroom.  And I just want to do something about it.  But my body (especially my shoulders and neck) is screaming at me.  Perhaps I should listen…



What I want to do (go to Hanbat Arboretum) and what I’ll actually do are usually two different things.  It’s 9:30 and I’m really ready to go to bed.  I have a delivery coming, so I have to be up in the morning.  But right now, I feel like my body has taken a beating all week.  I woke up stiff and sore today.  I have to get litter and food for the cats.  How am I going to do it?  Putting one foot in front of the other is just exhausting.

And that’s that for today.  I’m going to finish watching NCIS and see if Ivory will consent to a cuddle.  She’s pisseed because I attempted to brush her.



Wordle is pretty cool.  You can put your blog URL in and it spit out pretty stuff like this.  What I don’t like is that it’s all in a stupid java applet and you can just link to the image.  I can’t get Java and Linux to place nice, or I’d just take a screen cap.  But most of you can just click on the little picture to see it.  It’s fun to play with.

Wordle: Jumbled Feelings

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Stress? Where?

Though I love when we have extended breaks during our monthly term, it always throws me off.  We still have 20 days in our term, but things like tests sneak up on me.  Why yes, I have to give two tests tomorrow.  Thankfully I finished writing them today.  Tomorrow I have to print and staple them.  I have another one to give on Friday.  I’m bouncing back and forth between giving one of the premade ones from the book and writing my own.  I always write my own for this particular series (the premade ones are just weird).

Regardless, I have to make sure I get out of bed tomorrow morning and work on it.  I can finish up the rest of them this weekend.  That’s an excellent excuse for a trip to StarBucks.

Positive things


The good kind, actually.  So I had to go for my yearly health check.  Not sure how I got out of it last year…  For once I was curious as to what the scale said.  I don’t want to disclose exact numbers (Yes, I’m embarrassed).  But I’ve lost at least 40 pounds, and most of that since October of last year.

I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing (less junk food), not completely depriving myself, more kimchi and Korean food in general.  My appetite is coming back, but I’m finding I can’t eat the quantity I used to.    Certain things don’t taste right to me.  I don’t care for soda anymore and I find myself drinking a lot more water and low-fat milk.

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It seems like I’ve had chronic pain since my teens.  I’ve gotten diagnoses from everything from TMJ to tendonitis.  My joints hurt.  But if I tell a doctor this, they point out I’m fat.  I get so demoralized that I never seem to point out that some of the worst pain is in my shoulders, elbows and hands and I do not (to my knowledge) walk on my hands.

I was lying in bed the other day and Gidgette came and started climbing on me.  It was like knives in my sides.  This wasn’t her claws, simply her body weight (all 11 pounds of her).

I had a friend try to give me a massage one day and the pain of the pressure of his hands was too much to bear.

I don’t know who to bring this up with.  I need to see my orthopod because the tendonitis in my wrist is flaring up again.  I suppose I could tell my shrink.  Forgot the GP, the language barrier is too great and he just did a whole round of blood work to proclaim me healthy.

20 years of this, I don’t know how much more I can take.  I have good insurance in Korea, so I should probably try to figure it out.  But just the thought of it leaves me more depressed.


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Random Pictures

Two good friends married yesterday.  I’m so happy for them both.  Nick is from Pittsburgh (I’ll forgive him for being a Steelers fan) and Ellen is Korean.  She was a beautiful bride and Nick was quite handsome.  His parents flew in and they wore the traditional hanbok.  They’re going to have their honeymoon in the states and have a wedding there for Nick’s friends and family.

Just a few pics.  I was in a bad place to shoot (at the very back and on the side).  Oh yeah, Korean “western” weddings are held (mostly) in wedding halls, which are over the top ballroom type places.  So my friends and I sat at a booth around a table.

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Things I Learned

Ulsan Station is not Ulsan Station.  Or rather the station formerly known as Ulsan Station is now Taewhadong Station.  Ulsan Station (which I doubt is even inside of Ulsan) is over in never-never land (near Tongdosa, best I can tell)  being the new station for the recently opened KTX (high-speed train line).  That fact was learned the hard way when R,A and I tried to get to the station formally known as Ulsan Station so they could go back to Busan and then I could continue on to the station currently known as Ulsan Station so I could take the KTX home.

Does your head hurt?  Good.  I know ours did.  I ended up getting out at Taewhadong Station (the station formerly known as Ulsan Station) and took the slow ass train to DongDaeDong (or some other such place) where I transferred to the KTX to go the rest of the way to Daejeon.

In other words, if you are formally from Ulsan and are visiting, note the change in names of the stations so you end up where you want to go and not a 20000 taxi ride away from it.

Friends, Positive things

Mini Vacation

I have a friend getting married tomorrow in Ulsan.  I’m going to take the train down tonight and stay in a hotel.  The cats have extra food and water just in case I don’t come back until Sunday.

I’m so glad they finished the KTX to Ulsan.  It’s less than half the time by bus and much more comfortable.

I’m looking forward to seeing the old crowd. And I can’t wait to see Ellen and Nick get married.