Anxiety Sucks


Even with copious amounts of Valium, I couldn’t leave the house today.  I so need to go grocery shopping.  I  didn’t have quite as bad a day yesterday.  By dinner time (after not eating all day) I managed to go out to a quiet sushi shop for dinner.  Damn was their wasabi strong.  Sinus burning strong.  I think my nose is still running.

This is just frustrating.  I have no idea what is causing this level of anxiety.  OK, well maybe I do have a bit of an idea.  And once that’s over, maybe things will calm down.

All I could do today was sleep.  When I sleep, at least I don’t feel the anxiety.

Please tell me it will get better….


About katm

I'm just your typical depressed donkey. I'm an abuse survivor. I deal with the pain and stiffness and other fun stuff that goes with fibromyalgia. I used to teach English for a living but because of my health, that isn't any option anymore. I love to cook and feel most in my element when I'm in the kitchen tinkering around.

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