Vacation! Yay!


That just about sums it up.  The Korean New Year is February 3rd.  We have the 2nd- 6th off.  I realy need this little break.  I plan on doing a lot of resting the first two days.  Buy Friday most places should be open again, so I’m going to do some proper grocery shopping and pick up a few things I need for my classroom.

I had no water this morning.  They were digging up the street, starting at 7 AM.  Luckily they were finished by the time I got home at 7:30.

Now I’m warm and sleepy.  I’m going to retire to my bed and finish reading a few things online from the comfort of bed.  I love my little netbook.  It isn’t great for heavy duty stuff (Cafe World on Facebook, I’m looking at you) but basic web browsing is fine.


About katm

I'm just your typical depressed donkey. I'm an abuse survivor. I deal with the pain and stiffness and other fun stuff that goes with fibromyalgia. I used to teach English for a living but because of my health, that isn't any option anymore. I love to cook and feel most in my element when I'm in the kitchen tinkering around.

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