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Cooking Class

I have no idea how my coworker does it.  I just started doing a cooking class with 2 upper elementary school classes (once a month).  KT does cooking three times a week with preschoolers, including 4 year olds.  I have no idea how she does it.  I was stressed and going crazy today.  Didn’t help my boss was watching the whole time.  I just love when my boss gets brillant ideas.  Yeah.  They usually mean a ton of extra work for me.

In the end, the cookies looked like crap, but they tasted really good.  And that’s what counts.

Now to take a bit of Valium.  And cuddle with the kitties.  Yeah.  Kittty cuddles sound really good.


1 thought on “Cooking Class”

  1. Ugly cookies still taste good as long as the recipe if right. Hey, I’ve had a ton of ugly cookies made by yours truly.

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