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Kitty Bath

Oh man.  I managed to give both cats a bath (long story) and get out with all my limbs and skin intact.  They are pissed at me and they are pissed at each other.  My guess is that they don’t smell right now.  They smell kind of like baby shampoo.  It’s something my vet gave me.  10 bucks for shampoo.  I don’t even spend that much on my own shampoo.  I am but their humble servent.

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More Dreams

I’m only remembering bits and pieces of my latest dreams, but they are highly distressing.  I wake up in physical pain, like the body memories I used to have.  I’m not sure what’s going on.  I know I’m feeling slightly more stressed than usual.  I also haven’t been taking care of my mental health like I should be.  I need to get back to working on my programming.  My goal for tomorrow is to sketch out a diagram showing the logic I want to use.  I’m then going to get feed back on it from some programmer friends.

The good news is there are only 2 days of work this week.  Yay for Lunar New Year.  There are definitely advantages to living in an Asian country.  And tomorrow evening should be fun.  I’m making chocolate pancakes with my two advanced classes.  They have a cooking class once a month, along with a science class, a writing class and a debating class.


Quick Rant

Yes, I’m fat.  I get it.  I don’t need the doctor to remind me every single freaking time I see him.  Yes, I’m trying to lose weight.  Yes, I have, though I don’t know how much.  Last time I stepped on a scale was for my required physical for my visa renewal (which thankfully only had to be done once).   And even then, I didn’t look.  I can tell in the ways my clothes fit.  I can tell because the ring I bought in October is now too big to safely wear.  I need to get a ring guard.  I don’t want to get it resized while still losing weight.

No, my weight is not the root cause of all my troubles.  I have asthma.  I’m sure being fat doesn’t help.  But, hello, it runs in my family.  Both of my brothers have it as did my mother and a bunch of her relatives.  Genetics people, genetics.  Yes, I have arthritic changes in my knees and ankles.  Yes, being fat doesn’t help.  But strangely enough, my father’s side of the family had the same sort of changes starting in the early to mid thirties.  My mom’s side of the family has arthritis too.  Genetics people.  Genetics. And then there’s the depression.  Why did this doctor assume I’m depressed because I’m fat.  I don’t have the best body image in the world, but I’m certainly not depressed over it.  Here Dr. Caring, let me tell you about the screwed up things that happened to me through my first 18 years of life.    And then there’s the day I slipped on the ice and bashed my knee.  I slipped because I’m fat?  Ummmm…  no.  I slipped because this city decided that marble curbs would be pretty.  And they ice over if you look at them funny.

I will say, this has all been from the same doctor.  I never had this problem in the states.  But then again, I had a doctor I could actually communicate with who also had an ounce of compassion.  Yes, Koreans as a general rule are thin.  But hell, I’ve seen more and more fat ones as I’ve been here longer.  So, Dr. Caring, quit blaming everything on my weight and help me tackle my health issues.

I have to go see him again on Monday to get my thyroid meds and get my ears checked (possibly ear infection).  I’m sure he’ll find some way to blame the ear infection on my weight.  No, I’m not cynical.  Not me….


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That’s about it.  I can breathe somewhat normally.  The cough is still hanging around, but I don’t feel short of breath all the time.  And I certainly don’t feel like a pile of steaming crap.

On the work front, it looks like we won’t have a Kindergarten starting in March.  We’ll (hopefully?) be doing some sort of training of other interested teachers.  I’m not so sure about teaching teachers how to teach.  Ugh.  I don’t like teaching adults in the first place.  In the second place, I make it up as I go along.

Speaking of work, one of my older (4th grade) but lower level student really did well on his monthly test.  Max used to get between 40 and 50%.  And he was doing well to get to 50%.  This month, he got 77% and had the highest grade in the class (of two).  I’ve been working really hard with the two boys this month and I’m proud of them.

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Still sick.  Doc decided he’ll do a chest x-ray tomorrow if I’m not significantlly better (wtf, why wait?).  Kindergarten talent show was Saturday.  That was a rough 6 hours.  I didn’t get to see much of it because I was generally herding kids back and forth and changing their costumes.  My piece went fine, though my tone was crap.  Something about not being able to breathe.  Funny how that works.

Yesterday was test writing and phone teaching.  Both were things I didn’t want to do, but didn’t have a choice.  They are done now.  I’m off to bed and so I can get up and start the rat race again in the morning.  The only thing keeping me going is next week is Lunar New Year and I have Wednesday – Sunday off.  Those 5 days are sorely needed.  Oh the other good news is that I give to give tests the next two days so I don’t have to teach.  Yay.

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Thinking Warm

The good news is my heat is fixed.  The bad news is that I’m still cold.  I have a fever and chills.  So I’m back to the doctor tomorrow.  This is not good.  Stupid bronchitis.  Every muscle in my chest, back and abdomen hurts from coughing.  I seriously think I’ve discovered muscles I never knew I had.  And I’ve had bronchitis more times than I can count.  The good news is the surgeon says my knee is about 95% healed.  Although it didn’t hurt, I’d rather not have a needle stuck in my knee twice a week.

Yesterday, I signed a contract and got a brand new cell phone.  It’s not the latest or greatest, but it beats the pants off the 5 year old thing I’ve been using.  It even has a Korean <-> English dictionary.  That’ll make teaching much easier.  Up until now, I’ve been using a paper one.  The kids get a kick out of it.

The bad news is the stupid talent show is Saturday.  And although I have my piece down, I can’t breath well enough to walk up the steps.  Forget actually playing the flute.  I wonder how bad it’s going to sound.  Even worse news is that I have to play it for my boss tomorrow.  I’m hoping a couple shots of Ventolin (note to self — get refil from doc tomorrow) and some cough syrup will get me through Saturday.

The good news is that I’ve been pretty good about studying Korean a little bit every day.

And now I’m off the feed the kitties (specifically Gidgette) before they go crazy.  Because you know, of course, they’ll starve to death in the next 10 seconds.


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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The good: Despite being sick (and getting sick at work in the middle of a class) I made it though the day.

The bad: I’m sick.  Bronchitis again.  And I’ve got the biggest putz for a GP.  I don’t even want to go into it.

The ugly:  No heat.  Day three.  I don’t expect much sleep tonight.  The space heater I have is like a 100000000 watt light bulb.  I can either freeze or get my sleep cycle so off who knows when I’ll be able to get it back together.