Quick Note

I’m alive. Life is crazy.

I’m grieving.  My best friend of 20+ years lost her two year battle with cancer.  It breaks my heart that I couldn’t be there to attend her funeral.  I know she would understand.  She lives on in my memories and my teaching.  She was a 12 year elementary school teacher and she taught me much of what I know, including my teacher voice.   I smile a little bit when I have to be stern with my students because that’s M coming out.

Apparently the political situation here isn’t all that great.  Wonderful.  Just wonderful.  I went downtown last weekend and when I came out of Lotte Department Store there was literally 100 cops in riot gear standing there.  I had to walk through them.  That was scary.  I think that’s the first time I’ve ever really been scared over here.

Found myself a p-doc.  He actually speaks good English and happens to be a psychologist as well.  Not that I’m planning to do any sort of therapy with him.  I’m not at a point where I want to tackle that, especially with an older man.  He has me on Lexapro, Nortriptyline and Klonopin.  It’s helping a lot.  I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my mood.  And strangely enough, when I had my thyroid checked, I turned out to be hyperthyroid.  Definitely surprised the GP.  Treating it has made a slight bit of difference in how I feel, but I think treating the depression is having a bigger impact.

That’s all.



One thought on “Quick Note

  1. CoderForLife says:

    Good to hear from you again, and glad you’re getting some handles on the issues, even as new ones get tossed your way.

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