Back Online

My name is Kathryn and I’m an internet addict.

It’s good to be back.  A power surge took out the fuse on the power brick on my DSL modem.  I woke up on Tuesday and had no internet access and a seemingly dead modem.  I talked nicely to it.  I tapped it gently.  I swore at it.  I begged and pleaded with it.  Alas, those things don’t fix blown fuses.  It’s actually quite the miracle I didn’t blow a fuse.  I mean, what was I to do without 24/7 access to my email.

I’m an email junky.  No really, I am.  I usually get between 40 and 100 messages per day for different reasons.  I probaly need to respond to 10% of those.  The computers at work have been tied up all week because they’re printing out copies of the curriculum for all of the parents.  Why they didn’t outsource it to a print shop, I’ll never know.  What they’re spending in ink and paper and binders and labor is probably the same as what a print shop would have charged.  But I digress.

My boss called the phone company Tuesday morning.  They told her Thursday at the earliest, maybe even Friday when they could get out.  I flipped.  She told me not to worry because she told them that was unacceptable.  Seriously, all they had to do was deliver a new modem.  I could have installed the thing myself.  It’s like four cables to hook up.

The nice KT folks came today (Thursday).  He delivered a new modem.  I now have internet access again.  I can indulge my email (gah, another one just arrived that needs and answer) and my FaceBook addiction.  And now I have something to do in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep.  Soft Korean porn doesn’t really do it for me……..


8 thoughts on “Back Online

  1. Ys says:

    Aww glad you got it back :) My internet access went down last weekend but thankfully I was too sick to want to be online. It was back by the time I was feeling better ;)

  2. Soft Korean porn doesn’t really do it for me…….. Oh my gosh that is too funny. That was totally unexpected. Ha!

    I’m an internet addict myself. I’m an art gallery groupie though. I could spend hours on flickr and Redbubble looking around…looking around when I should be sleeping.


  3. I don’t like admitting it, but I hate not having the internet. It makes me feel disconnected from the world as I use the internet for so much, including getting all my news.

    So yes, you’re not the only one. ;)

  4. i have more friends online than i do in real life, so if i lose internet access for more than two days i get serious withdrawal symptoms. reading helps a bit but i feel very agitated and like i’m missing out on a lot of important things! even though it’s just mostly everyday drivel, haha.

    anyway, happy to hear you’re back online again. been there, not fun!

  5. I’m also addicted to collecting photoshop patterns and brushes. I use to say I can quit photoshop anytime I want but I was lying to myself. I think I might need help. Before I seek photoshop rehab I’ll have to hit rock bottom. But don’t worry I tell myself, there’s a brush that’ll help me show what rock bottom looks like. It’s a sickness.


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