What color should your blog be?


Just because I’m struggling tonight and don’t have the words for what I’m feeling, I’m going to post something totally off topic.

I found this blog entry that I thought was pretty neat.

The questions in the linked quiz didn’t really apply to my blog, but I answered them as best I could.


Your Blog Should Be Green


Your blog is smart and thoughtful – not a lot of fluff.
You enjoy a good discussion, especially if it involves picking apart ideas.
However, you tend to get easily annoyed by any thoughtless comments in your blog.

I don’t know that I necessarily agree with the whole thing. But then again, the questions weren’t really aimed at the kind of blogging I’ve been doing. So take it for what it’s worth.
PS: I do like the color green…

About katm

I'm just your typical depressed donkey. I'm an abuse survivor. I deal with the pain and stiffness and other fun stuff that goes with fibromyalgia. I used to teach English for a living but because of my health, that isn't any option anymore. I love to cook and feel most in my element when I'm in the kitchen tinkering around.

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  1. Mine said purple…whatever that means! Myself, I like the color green.

  2. I took this test myself and it said violet. Those test are fun and a good way to kill some time.


  3. Hey I got the same colour as you! heh.

    I’ll not post it to my blog though as (1) I don’t know which code you need for wordpress, and (2)I don’t think it fits in with my new blog – on livejournal, my blog was full of these sorts of things, here I’m looking for more or a written-look than a linkey/picturey look…

    Again, thanks for the idea – I have an appointment in an hour, and until that time I’m sat in a college computer lab, trying to while away the minutes…

  4. LOL.

    Not my typical type of post for sure. But I just didn’t have the words that day.

    For future reference, you’ll want the HTML version which you paste into the code view on the online editor.

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