Emotions, Poetry

the face in the mirror

i stand in front of the mirror
alone and
tired and
knowing not
what will happen next
i see a face
far away
a stranger
in the depths of my mind
i ask
who is this
she stares back at me
mimicking my expressions
i have a funny feeling
she is me
but how can that be
she looks like me
but that is it
she doesn’t feel like me
i see a face
far away
a stranger
a stranger that is me

February 2, 2007 


2 thoughts on “the face in the mirror”

  1. Your mirror image is only something to worry about if you worry about what you look like from the outside. It never shows your inside.

    You can’t start on your outside until you come to calm on your inside. Yet the person in mirror is always you, on the outside.

    Don’t worry about the outside for now. Work on the inside.

    Heck, listen to me, I am talking shrink, aren’t I? Sorry, I don’t want to come over like that.

  2. Your mirror image is still you, Kath. Don’t worry about it until you are ready to accept the inner you.

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