Can you…

Can you hear my voice…
Even though it just screams out in my mind?

Can you see my tears…
Even though I only cry inside?

Can you feel my pain…
Even though it is hidden in me?

Can you understand my life…
Even though I never reveal it?

January 14, 2007 

One thought on “Can you…

  1. sisiphus says:

    You do reveal a little of yourself in your writing. Everyone does to a certain extent. But those who are able, write in ways that conjure up feelings and images without too many words. They have a gift. Believe in yourself and hear the voices of others who want you to believe in your own intrinsic worth.
    Many of those of us who have suffered in life, can understand another person who says that they cannot understand why others want to be our friends or want us who have suffered to continue to live. It is common amongst survivors who have not grown such a hard outer skin or shell that they have become insensitive, even if the motivation for growing that skin has been need-to-survive.
    That sensitivity, if it remains, means that we have the option of being able to help others through our own experiences. Helping others, even if it is a very small thing that we do, ultimately helps us to feel better about ourselves. There have been studies about this sort of positive action and how it helps the person carrying out the positive action, I will try and find some references about the usefulness of this and post them in my blog tabs.

    Poetry is a gift. It can be taught, but may be stilted as a result. Telling so much in so few words is incredible.

    Come and join in with any of the people you trust. You might just start to feel a bit better about yourself in company, although because I don’t really know you I cannot say for certain that you will.

    I hope that you do, though,

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